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Should You Care About Turkey?

The U.S. is understandably distracted by the situation in the Ukraine, but the events unfolding in Turkey may be more important to the U.S. I just returned from a week in Turkey and I am concerned about the U.S. public’s … Continue reading

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New EEOC Workplace Guidelines On Garb and Dress:Clarification OR Increased Claims?

PRESS RELEASE 3-6-14 EEOC Issues New Publications on Religious Garb and Grooming in the Workplace Practical Guides Will Assist Employers and Employees WASHINGTON- The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today issued two new technical assistance publications addressing workplace rights and … Continue reading

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Be Wise, But Share Good News and Bad News With Employees

Leadership lessons from the military do not necessarily translate to the private sector.  I am uncomfortable with business books which continually analogize the workplace to the battlefield.  It’s not the same thing and I never want to minimize that service.  … Continue reading

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Did Your Business Learn From This Year’s Apocalyptic Storms?

Laura Stack posted an excellent INC. article, “You Can’t Stop A Polar Vortex, But You Can Be Ready For The Next One.”  While I travel constantly, I live in Atlanta, so this is a visceral subject to me both as … Continue reading

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