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Focus on Wellness: For Our Workers, It’s a Critical Life or Death Issue

When I started this Blog, I wanted to post analysis and suggestions which were different or more practical than some of the Employment Law, Safety and Labor Articles out there.  I did not want to simply repeat what others were already effectively … Continue reading

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OSHA Is Only the Appetizer

 An OSHA Inspection and citations often create the smallest liability associated with a workplace death, serious injury or major accident, but the facts and citations arising from that process will influence subsequent civil and criminal actions. I spoke a number of … Continue reading

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Response to Another NLRB Social Media Question.

As is often the case, we received hordes of fact-specific questions about what policies are being challenged by the NLRB, and what language has been approved regarding professional behavior, use of social media, courtesy and privacy.  I am tempted to … Continue reading

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Fed-OSHA . . . Coming To A State Near You?

The OSHAct provides that a State may operate its own OSHA program so long as the program is “at least as effective as Fed-OSHA’s program.” As a result, there are 27 State-OSHA Plans. Some of the Plans are quite good. … Continue reading

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Attractive Women! Retaliation Claims! Social Media! Mixed Drinks! In a Wage-Hour Case?

Ok… I admit to sounding like a British tabloid writer.  However, how often can one discuss a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) case set in an upscale bar,  involving allegations of retaliation and threatening social media posts?  I suspect that wage-hour … Continue reading

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Workplace Violence Complaints Against a Nevada Assembly Member Illustrates Trends

I suspect that Nevada residents wish that the saying “What happens In Vegas stays in Vegas” applied to the embarrassing saga occurring in their State Assembly. My reason for starting this Blog was to have a way to alert clients about trends … Continue reading

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Cussing Out Your Employee May Get You Sued By… OSHA??

  Hopefully you are aware of the continuing escalation of all forms of whistleblower and retaliation claims, including under the 21 Anti-Retaliation laws enforced by special investigators from OSHA’s Whistleblower group. If not, check out the News Room on OSHA’s … Continue reading

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Why Would Employees Tease About Nooses In 2013?

I was surprised and disappointed when I read about a punitive damages award against a north Carolina employer who allegedly tolerated employees referring to an African-American coworker as a “coon” and offering him a hangman’s noose. It’s 2013, not 1960. It’s … Continue reading

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Protecting Employees During AND After Winter Storms

Our Portland, Maine office NEVER closes, so when I saw the internal announcement  that even that stolid crew was fleeing the storm, I knew it was bad. I am traveling on business through Sunday and do not have the opportunity … Continue reading

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More Safety-Driven Attacks on Retailers

Read the press on allegations that contractors for a major retailer locked employees in during cleaning and committed other safety violations.  I have no idea as to the validity of the claims against the contractors.  I do know that Target is a … Continue reading

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