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Construction Contractors Subject To New OFCCP Rules

March 31, 2014 Because of a recent court decision, federal construction contractors must comply with several new regulations that many consider burdensome. An effort to exempt construction contractors from some of the new regulations was tossed out by a federal … Continue reading

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OFCCP $2.2 Settlement Worth Noting

Don’t let the OFCCP drop off of your list of concerns.  The sheer number of categories (female, Caucasian and Hispanic, black and Caucasian)  and inclusion of multiple locations in several states in the settlement below should raise concerns.  Follow the link … Continue reading

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More Heat On Federal Contractors With OSHA and Wage-Hour Violations.

 Hopefully you do not need further motivation to maintain an effective workplace safety culture; however, Senator Labor Chair Tom Harkins’ December 11, 2013 Report may serve as additional motivation.  In the 4” thick Report, “Acting Responsibly? Federal Contractors Frequently Put … Continue reading

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HR Should Budget Money For New Fed Contractor Veterans and Disability Requirements.

The new regulations for disabled individuals and veterans posted by the OFCCP yesterday afternoon dramatically change the requirements for federal contractors—at least 25% of the employers in the US—so this will be huge.  Federal contractors will be required to ask … Continue reading

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Confusion About Safety Incentive Plans – Legal or Illegal?

Questions about Safety Incentive Plans have resurfaced in a number of discussions and blogs because of OSHA’s steadily increasing rhetoric against safety incentive programs that rely on injury data and/or whose incentives OSHA deems to be of sufficient magnitude to … Continue reading

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The Care and Feeding Of Counsel

My Las Vegas partner, Mark Ricciardi, recently posted the Fourth Part of his Blog on “Ten Reasons to Find a New Labor Employment Attorney.” I respect Mark’s opinions because he maintains some of our most enthusiastic clients. Over the next … Continue reading

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Employers Should Take the EEOC More Seriously In 2013

Some executives and managers consider EEOC charges to be a cost of doing business.   Based on past experience, they do not treat Discrimination Charges with the same concern as other legal matters.  The EEOC’s current focus on Systemic Discrimination and the … Continue reading

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New Service Contracts With the Federal Government Require Employers to Offer Jobs to Displaced Employees of the Previous Employer.

  It was already difficult to understand and comply with Federal Government Contracting Laws, such as Davis-Bacon, Walsh-Healey and the Service Contract Act (SCA).  As of January 18, 2013, employers obtaining service contracts with the Federal Government will be required … Continue reading

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