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Good Reminder of Your Haz Com/GHS Obligations – Don’t Miss Them.

Hazcom Training: Don’t Panic The deadline for covered employers to train workers on the GHS formatting passed on Dec. 1, 2013. But if you fear roving bands of OSHA inspectors banging on doors to identify GHS scofflaws, don’t hit the … Continue reading

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Can the Choice of An Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Be Deadly?

One of my focus areas is combustible dust in the workplace.  As I have written before, an extraordinary range of common products can cause an explosion and deflagration (pressure wave) under the right circumstances.  One occasion is when a well-meaning … Continue reading

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I’m Not an Engineer! What Do I Care About Management of Change?!

Although OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) standard may be the most challenging of OSHA’s regulations, the PSM standard, along with NFPA consensus standards about combustible dust have raised the topic of the importance of management of change (MOC) outside of … Continue reading

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Haz Com/GHS Training Due By December 1, 2013

An excellent explanation and update on Haz Com and the GHS for Construction Contractors, courtesy of the AGC: LINK. Our most recent F & P Blog post on GHS: LINK. MOST IMPORTANT ACTION ITEM: TRAINING MUST BE COMPLETE BY DECEMBER 1, … Continue reading

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