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Howard’s Weekly Round Up – February 10

Legal Observations Based on This Week’s News. If you are involved in safety or risk management, especially in construction, you recognize that struck-by accidents are almost always among the top three causes of employee deaths. What you may not appreciate … Continue reading

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Non Union Employers Continue to Get Busted by the NLRB for Seemingly Reasonable Policies

  Thanks to my partner and friend Steve Bernstein for much of the content for this post. The bulk of the NLRB Unfair Labor Practice Charges I’m seeing against Employee Handbooks and employer rules are against non-union employers.  The Board … Continue reading

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Workplace Bullying and the NLRB

Workplace and school violence events have contributed to our increasing national conversation about “bullying.” Recently, NPR quoted a Zogby poll in which more than a quarter of American workers reported that they have experienced abusive conduct at work. 64% of … Continue reading

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Have you Prepared For Third Party Embarassment Tactics?

The areas of labor, employment, and safety exposure which present very real threats to the distribution industry. There are several reasons for this increased focus on these types of business: ■Distribution is a huge market for plaintiff lawyers who want … Continue reading

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Union Calls For May 15 Fast Food Workers Strike In 26 Countries

Fast food workers are difficult targets for union organizing efforts, but it’s simply too large a market for unions to ignore.  Moreover, the fast food industry is an easy target for demands for a “living wage” and attacks on the use … Continue reading

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Did Your Business Learn From This Year’s Apocalyptic Storms?

Laura Stack posted an excellent INC. article, “You Can’t Stop A Polar Vortex, But You Can Be Ready For The Next One.”  While I travel constantly, I live in Atlanta, so this is a visceral subject to me both as … Continue reading

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Will OSHA’s Proposal To Publicize More Employer Injury Data Improve Safety?

OSHA has announced a proposed rule which will require establishments with 20 or more employees, in certain industries with high injury and illness rates, to electronically submit their summary of work related injuries and illnesses to OSHA every year.  The … Continue reading

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More On the EEOC’s War On Criminal Background Checks

More from my buddy, Matt Korn, on the costly battles caused by the EEOC’s war on criminal background checks: Strike Two – The EEOC’s Failed Attempts To Limit Background Checks Date: October 1, 2013 By Matthew Korn (Labor Letter, October … Continue reading

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Customer Service and Workplace Safety

I am writing this post as I sit on a bench in front of the Davidson, NC Homewood Suites.  As I sat working on documents, I struck up a conversation with an employee, who was emptying the trash and straightening … Continue reading

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EEOC Loses (Again) On Criminal-Background Checks

  EEOC Loses (Again) On Criminal-Background Checks Date: September 1, 2013 By Edward Harold (Retail Industry Update, No. 3, September 2013) Last year, we wrote about the EEOC’s then-new guidance on the use of criminal-background checks in hiring decisions. [“Using … Continue reading

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