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Non Union Employers Continue to Get Busted by the NLRB for Seemingly Reasonable Policies

  Thanks to my partner and friend Steve Bernstein for much of the content for this post. The bulk of the NLRB Unfair Labor Practice Charges I’m seeing against Employee Handbooks and employer rules are against non-union employers.  The Board … Continue reading

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Talk versus Email: When Electronic Communications Gets You Sued

  Electronic communications are a mixed blessing. Business is more efficient and new ways of commerce continue to open. However, ubiquitous electronic communications have eroded our personal time and presented near-addicting distractions. From a legal standpoint, electronic communications, and especially … Continue reading

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Workplace Bullying and the NLRB

Workplace and school violence events have contributed to our increasing national conversation about “bullying.” Recently, NPR quoted a Zogby poll in which more than a quarter of American workers reported that they have experienced abusive conduct at work. 64% of … Continue reading

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Familiar But Great Reminders Of Bad Facebook Judgment

11 Brutal Reminders That You Can and Will Get Fired for What You Post on Facebook// // // <![CDATA[ document.write('.js-display-none { display: none !important; }’); // ]]>// 11 Brutal Reminders That You Can and Will Get Fired for What You … Continue reading

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Bad News + Prepping the Boss For interviews = a Bad Day For You.

The following article is from Kevin Sullivan, our VP Marketing and PR.  Even in this social media-driven age, I find employers to be woefully unprepared to respond to inquiries about a workplace fatality, union corporate campaign, an executive’s public bad … Continue reading

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One Stroke of a Key and Your Reputation Is Destroyed.

Many of you know that I spend a lot of time trying to teach people, especially executives, to be cautious about what they say in e-mails, blogs, Facebook and now LinkedIn.  My favorite comment is that “one should draft e-mails … Continue reading

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What Can the Encyclopedia Teach us About safety and HR?

 The New York Times and other publications are running articles pondering the end of the written version of the Encyclopedia Britannica and what that says about society.  We were a “World Book” family, but I have waxed nostalgic about growing … Continue reading

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