I am a management labor attorney active throughout the US, with almost 34 years of experience. I have managed approximately 570 workplace fatalities and catastrophes, hundreds of instances of union activity, and countless employment law matters in construction and general industry. I coordinate  Fisher & Phillips, handling of OSHA, fatality, and catastrophe response matters throughout our 32 offices.

I sit on committees in the National AGC as well as in the Georgia, Carolinas and other AGC Chapters. I am active in the ABA, National Beer Wholesalers Association, and numerous trade groups.

I have written in or been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, MSNBC, Bloomberg BNA, NPR and numerous other publications.

I emphasize forthright dealings with the government  and focus on “doing the right thing,” which contributes to the desired client outcomes, even in tough negotiations and litigation. I strive to be creative in combining pro-employee practices, safety management and sound business practices to avoid legal claims. I have considerable experience in complex matters involving combustible dust or evaluating and rationalizing employer processes . I am active in the community, church and school activities, as a member of the Bar should be. My family and I especially focus on work with Atlanta’s Latino community.  I am a former full contact fighter and competitive distance runner, at least before my hips started complaining.

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