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Non Union Employers Continue to Get Busted by the NLRB for Seemingly Reasonable Policies

  Thanks to my partner and friend Steve Bernstein for much of the content for this post. The bulk of the NLRB Unfair Labor Practice Charges I’m seeing against Employee Handbooks and employer rules are against non-union employers.  The Board … Continue reading

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Two New Webinars: Bullying, the NLRB and Its War On Employer Rules and “Live From the AGC National Safety Committee Meeting.”

Dealing With Workplace Bullying And Misconduct While The NLRB Challenges Your Rules Join us for a Webinar on July 24 Space is limited. Reserve your Webinar seat now at: A quarter of American Workers claim to have been seriously … Continue reading

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Union Calls For May 15 Fast Food Workers Strike In 26 Countries

Fast food workers are difficult targets for union organizing efforts, but it’s simply too large a market for unions to ignore.  Moreover, the fast food industry is an easy target for demands for a “living wage” and attacks on the use … Continue reading

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Ruminations On Making the Legal System Work Better

If it paid, I’d spend most of my time writing, blogging and tweeting, but those satisfying outlets do not pay the bills.  Yep.  I’m a senior partner with management responsibilities in 30-something offices, but I must still manage my always … Continue reading

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“Private Eyes Are Watching You” … With Google Glass?

 As I started typing about “Google Glass,” that 80”s song by Hall and Oates began to torment me over and over again …  Private Eyes they’re watching you they see your every move Private Eyes they’re watching you Private Eyes … Continue reading

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New Labor Secretary, NLRB Point to More Activist Workplace Regulation

From TLNT, one of my first reads each day, along with EHS Today and the WSL.  I’m always flattered to be picked up by folks of this caliber. New Labor Secretary, NLRB Point to More Activist Workplace Regulation by Howard … Continue reading

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  I’m not talking about kindergarten playtime or its “adult” equivalent … politics. Any time multiple employers are involved, labor and employment matters becomes much more complicated. The classic example is a construction site.  OSHA refers to such settings as … Continue reading

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When OSHA Assistant Secretary Michaels and Jordan Barab famously admitted that OSHA was utilizing large penalties accompanied by harsh press releases to “motivate” employers to comply, I had mixed feelings.  Fear is a great motivator.  Aggressive publication of legitimate noteworthy OSHA citations … Continue reading

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Response to Another NLRB Social Media Question.

As is often the case, we received hordes of fact-specific questions about what policies are being challenged by the NLRB, and what language has been approved regarding professional behavior, use of social media, courtesy and privacy.  I am tempted to … Continue reading

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