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Biggest 2012 Employment Law Events (set to the theme of post apocalyptic movies)

The End of the World As We Know It? PART 1 My Portland partner, Rich Meneghello, produced the entertaining update below on the biggest employment law events in 2012, gleefully described in the context of disaster/post apocalypse movies… come on, … Continue reading

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Part 1 What Rules Can I Enforce About Social Media

It’s bad enough dealing with teaching one’s children to use social media responsibly, but we also have to deal with an NLRB who seems committed to prohibiting most rules governing employee social media use.  What’s an employer to do?  Part 1 … Continue reading

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Threats of Retail Employee Strikes Illustrate Need for Preperation

As the linked articles below explain, the UFCW, Moveon.org and various other groups planned to interfere with the Thanksgiving shopping activities through “strikes” and other actions designed to disrupt or embarrass retailers during their most crucial sales period. Happily, based on reports, shopping … Continue reading

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