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“Best HR, Legal, Safety & Leadership Stuff I Read Last Week”

I’m still working on how to summarize my large volume of Tweets of great material from  EHS, TLNT, HBR and others.  Until I come up with a better method, I’ll periodically prepare this sort of digest.  I hope that my … Continue reading

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OSHA Warning: Don’t Get Caught In a Trap!

It’s nice to see that more and more employers and their publications are raising the legal and practical concerns associated with reliance on “lagging indicators,” such as recordable injuries to manage and evaluate safety programs. Go to the Blog  of … Continue reading

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It Took 12 Years To Decide That’s Not Willful?!

  Let’s continue our discussion of employer “Willful” behavior.  OSHA can be inconsistent in its application of the classification, and it is often up to the employer to establish the distinction between “serious” and “willful” behavior during and after an OSHA … Continue reading

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You Can Win ADA Claims- Show Individualized Analysis and No Knee-Jerk Decisions

Today, the Eight Circuit handed down a well-reasoned decision in plaintiff’s appeal of its loss in an ADA and State Whistleblower claim.  A locomotive machinist  was sent for examination and not allowed to return to work after being diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Focus on Wellness: For Our Workers, It’s a Critical Life or Death Issue

When I started this Blog, I wanted to post analysis and suggestions which were different or more practical than some of the Employment Law, Safety and Labor Articles out there.  I did not want to simply repeat what others were already effectively … Continue reading

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Attractive Women! Retaliation Claims! Social Media! Mixed Drinks! In a Wage-Hour Case?

Ok… I admit to sounding like a British tabloid writer.  However, how often can one discuss a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) case set in an upscale bar,  involving allegations of retaliation and threatening social media posts?  I suspect that wage-hour … Continue reading

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Worst Case Scenario – National Claims and a Painful Ergonomic Settlement

This is a sobering Blog.  There are legitimate workplace safety concerns involving ergonomic issues in many industries, but how would you like to be on the receiving end of the attacks described below?  Let’ discuss the most recent development in … Continue reading

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