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“Best HR, Legal, Safety & Leadership Stuff I Read Last Week”

I’m still working on how to summarize my large volume of Tweets of great material from  EHS, TLNT, HBR and others.  Until I come up with a better method, I’ll periodically prepare this sort of digest.  I hope that my … Continue reading

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The Next Big HR Trend? Maybe It Should Be More Employee Recognition….

I apologize for having been missing in action for the last few weeks, but I received the opportunity to take my family to a 400 year old house in Provence; followed by immediate trips to somewhat less glamorous places such … Continue reading

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Focus on Wellness: For Our Workers, It’s a Critical Life or Death Issue

When I started this Blog, I wanted to post analysis and suggestions which were different or more practical than some of the Employment Law, Safety and Labor Articles out there.  I did not want to simply repeat what others were already effectively … Continue reading

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Worst Case Scenario – National Claims and a Painful Ergonomic Settlement

This is a sobering Blog.  There are legitimate workplace safety concerns involving ergonomic issues in many industries, but how would you like to be on the receiving end of the attacks described below?  Let’ discuss the most recent development in … Continue reading

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Employers Should Take the EEOC More Seriously In 2013

Some executives and managers consider EEOC charges to be a cost of doing business.   Based on past experience, they do not treat Discrimination Charges with the same concern as other legal matters.  The EEOC’s current focus on Systemic Discrimination and the … Continue reading

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What the New Michigan Right-to-Work Law Does… and Doesn’t Do….

Many people confuse Right-to-Work laws with the Employment at Will concept. Employment at Will is a common law concept standing for some variation of the rule that either the employee or the employer can terminate employment at any time for … Continue reading

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Workers’ Christmas wish: Fire the boss!

We know that to manage employees we must understand the demographic and cultural changes occurring, and how employees view the work world. The article linked below found that almost 30% of employees plan to change jobs in the coming year, … Continue reading

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