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The One OSHA Post Retailers Must Read.

If you are in any aspect of retail and a member of LinkedIn, you really need to read the comments on this post on one of the OSHA and Safety sites, “Have You Checked Your Means of Egress lately? Dollar … Continue reading

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Is Employee Engagement A Fairy Tale?

My answer is “no,” but the article below reminds us that we must develop “engagement” strategies that recognize the highly imperfect nature of the work world and the effects of the loss of the old “social contract theory of employment.” To … Continue reading

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OSHA Gets It Right On Temporary Workers – Part II

I have been surprised to see so little commentary on the outgoing Deputy Assistant Secretary’s April 29 announcement of OSHA ramping up its focus on Temporary Workers.  Ed talked a bit earlier this week about OSHA’s new initiative and I’ll … Continue reading

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Why Do Some Establishments Deliver Such Fine Customer Service – And What Does This Have To Do With Safety?

I’m on my 16 hour flight back from South Africa to Atlanta and processing my experiences.  Surely such a varied and unusual adventure will provide me with fodder for some philosophical musings which lead to my usual practical “Action Points” … Continue reading

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The Next Big HR Trend? Maybe It Should Be More Employee Recognition….

I apologize for having been missing in action for the last few weeks, but I received the opportunity to take my family to a 400 year old house in Provence; followed by immediate trips to somewhat less glamorous places such … Continue reading

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It’s Wise to Be Cautious: Risks of Unpaid Internships Are Still Increasing

I saw this post, It’s Wise to Be Cautious: Risks of Unpaid Internships Are Still Increasing,  by one of our wonderful wage-hour guys this morning on the always interesting TLNT site.  As Summer and the  “intern season” approaches, one would be well … Continue reading

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Attractive Women! Retaliation Claims! Social Media! Mixed Drinks! In a Wage-Hour Case?

Ok… I admit to sounding like a British tabloid writer.  However, how often can one discuss a Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) case set in an upscale bar,  involving allegations of retaliation and threatening social media posts?  I suspect that wage-hour … Continue reading

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Workplace Violence Complaints Against a Nevada Assembly Member Illustrates Trends

I suspect that Nevada residents wish that the saying “What happens In Vegas stays in Vegas” applied to the embarrassing saga occurring in their State Assembly. My reason for starting this Blog was to have a way to alert clients about trends … Continue reading

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More Safety-Driven Attacks on Retailers

Read the press on allegations that contractors for a major retailer locked employees in during cleaning and committed other safety violations.  I have no idea as to the validity of the claims against the contractors.  I do know that Target is a … Continue reading

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Worst Case Scenario – National Claims and a Painful Ergonomic Settlement

This is a sobering Blog.  There are legitimate workplace safety concerns involving ergonomic issues in many industries, but how would you like to be on the receiving end of the attacks described below?  Let’ discuss the most recent development in … Continue reading

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